Your portrait sessions will be empowering.
It's a time for you to be completely FREE. This is a time to be authentically you.

We'll explore your sensuality so you can let go and have an intimate experience where you'll see yourself in an artistic and beautiful way. This isn't a Boudoir session. It's an intimate portrait session, which is different than a Boudoir photo shoot. 

You might be getting married, so this is the time to explore yourself before being married and having a family. Or perhaps, this is you'd like to do away from your partner, and have being a discovery experience of your own individuality as a woman.

You don't have to have a specific reason to have a portrait session, but I promise you that once you have this photo shoot, it will mark your life forever. 

It will be an experience crafted for you to have let go, have fun, and celebrate yourself.

These sessions are meant to be empowering and fuel your confident like it has never been before. 

An experience crafted just for you

"Photography is about capturing souls not smiles"- Dragan Tapshanov

Pittsburgh PORTRAIT Photographer

Portrait sessions that empower

Discover the Power of being yourself through the art of Photography

It's More than a photo shoot,

 it's an an Experience


Collections range from $897 - $1579


Consultation Call

The Right Experience

High resolution images

Whether it’s via Facetime/ Zoom, over the phone or in person, we’ll make it happen. This will help us plan and discuss what you want out of the shoot and discuss details to make sure you're comfortable.

From a 1.5-hour experience to a 3-hour experience. Depending on your vision, we'll do indoor and or an outdoor location as well!

Perfectly sized and ready for you to print at any size.

Outfits or Nude

Online Gallery

Personal Printing Rights

Depending on your vision, we can do partially nude, or any outfits you think would empower you through this process, which I'll help you with!

A password-protected gallery you can access, anywhere and where you'll be able to choose your favorite and final photographs. 

That's right! You decide where to print your photos. You're welcome to use my lab or any other.

the delicacy of femininity

+ 15 Min Consultation Call

+ Personalized Plan 

+ Mood board

+ Up to 2 Locations
+ Unlimited Outfit Changes

+ Sneak Peek Gallery

+ A Proofs Gallery (100+ photos) to select your final and favorite ones

+ 50 High resolution photos

+ Personal Printing Rights

+ Taxes & Fees included in price

+ 15 Min Consultation Call

+ Location Recommendations

+ 1.5 Hour Experience

+ 1 Locations

+ Up to 3 Outfits

+ A Proofs Gallery (65+ photos) to select your final and favorite ones

+ 20 High resolution photos
   Perfect for print

+ Personal Printing Rights

+ Taxes & Fees included in price

A time to celebrate your female body and all that you have become. 

$ 897




$ 1,597.00

Discover who you are!

Reasons Why Intimate

Portaits are Important

01 /

It's a Gift: The gift of an empowered and confident you!

02 /

03 /


A celebration of this milestone in your life!

The present moment – Celebrate who you are NOW!

Reasons Why portrait photos are important

The Experience of

Intimate Photo shoot

It's a Celebration of You!

You deserve to be celebrated and see how beautiful, strong, and unique you are. But this is an extra special occasion because it’s a milestone, which deserves its own form of celebration. Wether you're getting married, and this is one of those times you want to completely have to focus on you, or you're single and would love to document your time in this life in a different and memorable way. Either way, having an intimate portrait session is a sacred experience just for you.

An Artistic Experience

These photographs are an artistic experience for and for you.
We're collaborating to create art pieces. Time is the one thing you can't control, and where you are now, alive, beautiful, and all that you've become is exactly the right place, so let's craft an experience that is the right one for you.

Pittsburgh Portrait Photography 

An Experience crafted just for you!