Wedding Ceremony at the Allegheny County Courthouse

How to get married in Pennsylvania? Here’s an easy and friendly step-by-step guide on how to get your marriage license.

How to apply for a marriage licenses in PA

So what is required to get your marriage license in Pennsylvania?  Whether you’re getting married in a traditional way, eloping or even self-uniting, you must obtain a marriage license, and I will give you a step by step guide on how to do it, where to go, how long it’ll take, how much it will be, and a major BONUS tip on how to book a gorgeous wedding venue in a very economical way!

Couple skipping laughing in the streets of Downtown Pittsburgh after getting married at Allegheny Courthouse

How to get Married at the Courthouse | 7 Tips to planning a memorable Pittsburgh Courthouse Wedding 

7 Tips to Having an Unforgettable Pittsburgh Courthouse Wedding You’re getting married to your best friend?! You can’t wait to tie the knot and you’re doing a courthouse wedding with just the two of you and maybe a few of your best friends to celebrate this moment with them. The big wedding? Yeah, that’s happening […]