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January 7, 2024

Natalia Baqueiro

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Bride and Groom kissing in the hallway while she's holding her heels.

How to have a classy and chic engagement photo session at a downtown hotel

The engagement photo session of of Britt and Naveed in downtown Pittsburgh – GOSH! I’m still obsessing over it! It was one of my favorite engagements ever!

They booked a room at one of the most breathtaking hotel’s Pittsburgh has, Omni William Penn Hotel. We started taking their engagement photos at the lobby where they had a drink, and enjoyed their Christmas decoration.

The Firs Look of their engagement photos in Downtown Pittsburgh was timeless and elegant

The first look has a very timeless and elegant look, which we achieved with what Britt wore and the classy architecture of the Penn Hotel.

Engaged couple kiss in the Hallway of the Omni William Penn Hotel in Downtown Pittsburgh

Downtown Pittsburgh hotel engagement photos at the Omni William Penn

What to wear to your hotel engagement photo session

Britt wore a black long, elegant dress that highlighted her figure for the first half of the session of the most classiest scenes. Naveed wore a suit that paired up perfectly with Britt and the elegant ambiance of the hotel.

After enjoying cocktails at the bar, Britt and Naveed hung out at the elegant staircase, which was perfect for breathtaking and romantic photos.

Hotel Engagement Sessions are not only classy but they can be elegant and sexy, it’s a matter of having a clear vision for your engagement photos and letting your wedding photographer do the rest!

The Penn hotel is not short of breathtaking places, and I tried to take advantage of as many as I could.

Throughout our time together, I posed Britt and Naveed in different settings, some of my favorite ones were the lobby, elevators and hallways.

When you’re wondering about engagement locations, I highly suggest for you to look into a hotel for your engagement photos. It’s nothing short than classy, elegant and sexy.

Bride looking at the camera as groom kisses her head

Hotel Room Engagement Session – Make it a celebration with champagne, pizza and a disco ball

Once we got to their room, Britt and Naveed had pizza and a bottle of champagne waiting for them to top off their celebration.

Britt change into a cute short, white dress to have a sexy and fun vibe with these set of photos. And I have to say, she nailed it!

Can you imagine a better way to celebrate your engagement? Plus having photos of it all that you can have to remember forever? I can’t!

Omni William Penn Hotel is one of Downtown Pittsburgh’s historical gems

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh, the Omni William Penn Hotel is a timeless gem that exudes elegance and sophistication. With its stunning architecture, historic charm, and luxurious ambiance, it’s the perfect place for a couple who is in love and want something special for their engagement photos.

Couple holding each other at the lobby of the Omni William Penn Hotel in Downtown Pittsburgh
Couple look at each other as they walk holding hands in the Hallway of the Omni William Penn Hotel in Downtown Pittsburgh
Black and white couple laughing at the Omni William Penn Hotel in Downtown Pittsburgh

Bar and Hotel Engagement Photos are one of the most romantic and timeless sessions you can choose, and the weather? It doesn’t matter! Snow or rain, you’ll be fine!

Make your engagement photos be timeless art pieces

As a wedding photographer, I will always recommend you consider doing your engagement photos at a hotel, like the Omni William Penn. The options are endless.

You have the grand staircase, the exquisite ballrooms, the opulence of the lobby, the intimate setting of a hotel room, and the panoramic views from the rooftop. What else can you ask for?

Every corner of this historic hotel in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh creates a romantic atmosphere that perfectly complements a classy and sexy engagement experience.

As a Pittsburgh Engagement photographer, having diverse settings to work with allows me to capture your unique story and use my creative direction to create artistic shots.

Blurred photo of couple dancing and laughing at the hallway of the Penn Hotel in black and white.
Couple kiss in front of the mirror of the Penn Hotel
Ring of an engaged woman in black and white

The importance of intimacy during your engagement photos is underrated

The importance of intimacy is underrated. Being able to relax and be authentic to have those intimate moments documented is a luxury. Think about it, you’re with a stranger who has a camera or three. Haha!

Having photos taken, is an intimidating and uncomfortable experience for many and finding a photographer you trust and like should be a top priority.

That’s why part of my job is to work with my clients to make you comfortable and relax. You might even forget I have cameras on me.

The photos you’re going to cherish and love the most are the ones where it feels the most authentic and real. With me, you’ll have plenty of those moments!

Having an intimate setting like a hotel room will give you the privacy to laugh, cry, dance, and drink like nobody is watching. Bonus points if you bring pizza and a champagne bottle, I promise we will have FUN!

Downtown Pittsburgh Engagement Photography

Bride and Groom with pizza celebrating their engagement in a hotel room

Downtown Pittsburgh Vibes – Sexy Hotel Engagement Photos

As I was packing, I turned around and saw the potential of doing some fun and sexy photos at the hotel’s bathtub. I asked if they would be down to trying something creative.

They said YES! So, we ended up having a fun mini photo shoot in the bathroom. Haha.

I’m so glad I asked and they were down to trying it. Some of these photos turned out to be Britts’, and some of my personal favorite moments of the night.

Part of having great engagement photos is to let go, have fun and trust your wedding photographer.

Have fun and let go during your engagement session, it’s worth it

If you’re dreaming of a classy and timeless engagement photo session that blends fun, elegance and sexy, I highly suggest to do it at your favorite downtown hotel.

You can really take advantage of all these different scenes, including a bar to take a drink and date the night away!

Bride and Groom walking away at the Omni Penn Hotel and Bride looks away with her vail in behind her

If you’re ready to have an incredible surprised proposal and you need me to help you with it, make sure you send an inquiry and tell me as many details as you can. I would love to help you make this happen for you!

If you need a little inspiration as to locations, I got you!

Pittsburgh is a city where you really can have it all, between the four seasons and the many different types of scenery, you can really choose what you’d like.

Here’s two guides on the most Iconic Pittsburgh Locations in the Steel City and the Best Pittsburgh Engagement Locations to consider if you need more options to consider.

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