Capturing the Magic: Your Personalized Guide to Planning a Surprised Engagement

October 13, 2022

Natalia Baqueiro

Engagements, Pittsburgh Locations


Featuring Mount Washington – Grandview Overlook Golden Hour Engagement

Surprised Engagements are my JAM! I’ll try my best to explain why having a surprised engagement is one of the best experience you can have. And no worries! If you’re reading this, and you wish your babe gets the idea, all you have to do is send them this blog post for some Engagement inspiration, and I’m sure they’ll get the hint! 😉

Let me guide you through the process of planning a surprise engagement and give you the best tips to nailing it. Let’s create an unforgettable experience with memorable moments and photographs that will last you a lifetime to re-live every second of it.

1: We should start by understanding your story and what you guys like to do as a couple to craft a unique experience. First of all, take some time to reflect on what you like to do together, where you first met, your favorite places, and the cherished memories you’ve shared. Once you share all of this with me, I’ll help you craft an engagement that speaks directly to you as a couple.

2: Props – I’m sure you have the perfect ring, but think about other things that are meaningful in your relationship, or things that will enhance the surprise. Flowers are always a gorgeous add-on to almost anything, but specially to your engagement and will only emphasize the beauty of the moment that’s about to happen. Don’t worry, I’ll be helping you with all of these ideas, but it’s good to start thinking about them now.

3: Location, Location, Location! Your engagement’s setting plays a vital role in creating an enchanting atmosphere. Whether it’s a picturesque park where you shared your first date, a breathtaking mountaintop with a spectacular view, or your favorite coffee shop where you first met and continue to visit every so often, or an entirely new experience that will add to the surprise element, I’ll assist in finding the ideal spot that resonates with your love story.

4: Timing is Everything Picking the right moment to pop the question can make all the difference. Don’t worry, I’ll help you with this part as well, and I’ll make sure we’re coordinated so I can capture all of it without spoiling the surprise. We’ll also look at the time of day–that will definitely make an impact when it comes to your photos and I’ll go through everything with you. In general try to brainstorm significant dates or occasions that hold special meaning to both of you. Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, or an unexpected day, the timing will add an extra touch of magic to the surprise.

7: Capturing Every Precious Moment – The beauty of a surprise engagement lies in the candid moments and that’s what I’ll be focusing on when the big moment happens. I will discreetly document the entire experience, from the nervous anticipation to the joyous “yes.”

8: This is just the BEGINNING! After the “yes!” the celebration begins! I’ll be there to capturing it all, but we’ll also have time for some fun. I’ll be guiding you so you can have breathtaking moments of the these moments and I’ll work my magic so you can can remember how IT FELT through your photographs.

Are your ready?! Let’s craft an intimate, meaningful, and utterly magical experience that you and your partner will cherish forever. Let’s create lasting memories together as you embark on this beautiful new chapter in your lives.

Take a look at one of my favorite surprised engagements that happened in Mount Washington in front of the gorgeous Pittsburgh skyline during golden hour. Not only did we have a picnic, but Jay and Brook incorporated their favorite fast food restaurant, Taco Bell by bringing burritos. This engagement was nothing short than INCREDIBLE!

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